Sunday, March 1, 2009

why doctors can't do politics?

What actually differentiate doctors from politicians? There are certain must have characters one ought to acquire in order to become a doctor.

1) You must be able to lie in front of the crowd, looking right into their eyes.
2) You must be a good actor, should be able to fake tears and anger even in things which your heart disagree with just to impress the crowd- like Reeko moosa (we all know his tears are just drama like what he played in early 1990s)
3) You should be a good drama queen- u know what I mean. Like how anni was hugging that woman when cops were arresting him last time.
4) You must know how to keep others in the sac- such that they will sell their own kind for you
5) You should have a high quality imagination so that you can fool old folks with impossible imaginary promises- like bridges, narudhamaa nizaamu, trans-shipment harbors, etc etc..
6) You should have secret connections with both Christians, and Jews in addition to Arabs- and always criticize Iran and N korea.
7) You should have a good gang of thugs to create disturbance among a peaceful demonstrations which are held by opposition parties.
8) Doctors can never be a good politician because they do more work than talk crep all the time