Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pea Sprout can mimic lung cancer nowadays!

Last June, Ron Sveden, was at Cape Cod Hospital waiting for doctors to tell him what he seemed to be the inevitable: he had lung cancer.

But Sveden got the surprise of his life when doctors removed a one-and-a-half inch long pea plant growing in one of his lungs.

A month earlier the 75-year old lifelong smoker began feeling fatigue, loss of appetite and was coughing more. He had been hospitalized for 10 days before a lung biopsy discovered what was causing his symptoms.

Sveden and his doctors believe that while eating peas, one went into his windpipe, lodged to his lungs and began sprouting. Sveden does not remember when the incident happened.

“It was probably there for quite a while because of its growth status,” Sveden told ABC News.

When his doctor gave him the diagnosis Sveden was amused.

“It took two minutes for it to sink in and I thought it was quite funny,” said Sveden. “I giggled. It was shortly after that I realized it wasn’t cancer and for me, my wife and family, it was quite a relief.”

Within days, Sveden’s appetite was back and his other symptoms began to subside. The hospital staff showed their sense of humor by including peas in one of his first meals.

“I laughed,” joked Sveden. “An then I ate them!”

Sveden continues to keep his positive outlook after his unbelievable ordeal.

“Right now, I feel great,” he said. “I feel like raising Hell again!”

Taken from ABC news August 11, 2010.

What are you thinking?

1) dont plants need sunlight to grow?? how does a pea sprout inside someones body without sunlight? Ans: They don't need sunlight to SPROUT, just some warmth and moisture. Each seed contains enough "food" to get the plant started.

2) Was he eating raw peas? Ans: He would have been eating raw peas. A cooked pea would not germiante.

New 'superbug' found in UK hospitals

A new superbug that is resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics has entered UK hospitals, experts warn.

They say bacteria that make an enzyme called NDM-1 have travelled back with NHS patients who went abroad to countries like India and Pakistan for treatments such as cosmetic surgery.

According to a Lancet paper, at least 17 of the 37 patients they studied had a history of travelling to India or Pakistan within the past year, and 14 of them had been admitted to a hospital in these countries - many for cosmetic surgery.

Although there have only been about 50 cases identified in the UK so far, scientists fear it will go global. Tight surveillance and new drugs are needed says Lancet Infectious Diseases.

NDM-1 can exist inside different bacteria, like E.coli, and it makes them resistant to one of the most powerful groups of antibiotics - carbapenems.

The fear would be that it gets into a strain of bacteria that is very good at being transmitted between patients” Dr David Livermore Researcher from the HPA (UK's Health Protection Agency)

And experts fear NDM-1 could now jump to other strains of bacteria that are already resistant to many other antibiotics.Ultimately, this could produce dangerous infections that would spread rapidly from person to person and be almost impossible to treat.

Infections have already been passed from patient to patient in UK hospitals.

At least one of the NDM-1 infections the researchers analysed was resistant to all known antibiotics.

Similar infections have been seen in the US, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands and international researchers say that NDM-1 could become a major global health problem.

The way to stop NDM-1, is to rapidly identify and isolate any hospital patients who are infected. Normal infection control measures, such as disinfecting hospital equipment and doctors and nurses washing their hands with antibacterial soap, can stop the spread.

GOOD NEWS! currently, most of the bacteria carrying NDM-1 have been treatable using a combination of different antibiotics.

BAD NEWS! The potential of NDM-1 to become endemic worldwide is "clear and frightening", say the researchers in their Lancet paper.

The Department of Health has already put out an alert on the issue since the threat is a serious global public health problem as there are few suitable new antibiotics in development and none that are effective against NDM-1.

By Michelle Roberts Health reporter, BBC News

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Serial heartbreaker nabbed!!

KUANTAN: First, she stole their hearts. Then she stole their money.

The long arm of the law, however, finally caught up with the female Casanova who promised to marry six men she befriended through Facebook but then left them poorer and without a bride.

The 25-year-old serial heart-breaker has been detained by police following a report lodged by the family of her latest victim.

According to the victim’s sister, the woman collected RM300,000 from her family members, purportedly for an investment, after going through a Chinese wedding ceremony in May at their hometown in Sabah.

The woman had refused to legally register the marriage, claiming she would only do so on Aug 8 as it was an auspicious day.

“My brother met the woman via Facebook in March and she moved in with him.
“A month later, she told my brother she was pregnant but refused to go for check up,” she said yesterday.

“During the ceremony, none of the woman’s relatives was present. “She gave the excuse that an uncle had passed away from cancer and her family members could not attend,” she said, adding that the “bride” also declined to have the wedding dinner in her hometown in Kuala Lumpur, Sin Chew Daily reported.

“We became suspicious when her tummy remained the same even after several months. There were also no returns from our investment,” she added.

The family subsequently discovered – through a friend and media reports – that the woman had cheated several other men using the same tactics.

“When I confronted her, she told me she had used all the money and pleaded with us to give her time to work so that she can save up enough money to pay us back.
“I had no choice but to bring her to the police station in Pudu two days later.”
A police report was subsequently lodged at a police station in Kuala Lumpur.