Saturday, May 29, 2010

This is just the beginning

Target are easy to set, hard to achieve, and even more difficult to maintain. Think of a football team. Their target is so clear, to win the cup. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. But if they win, they just have to keep trying harder and harder to maintain. If they lost, they have to work as much. No win situation? I thought so.

As kids grow up, all sorts of ambitions surface up. The reason why they wanna be a particular "thing"? Pretty much hilarious. “what do u wanna become when u grow up” teacher asked, “I wanna be an elephant” replied the boy. He now is a big tall army officer. How close one can get to achieve his dream?

I always wanted to fly. Fly something, a plan, a kite or even a butterfly. Do u know doing a 12months pilot trainee in US coasts as much as that of a 5yrs MBBS course in Malaysia? So after much of back breaking process of weighing the pros and cons, I decided to come here. Alhamdhlillah. I think I made the right choice.

….and the journey started long time ago. Slowly getting the tone of it, hard to adjust to new life as I kept complaining all the time. But then, before I knew it, 5yrs passed by. Here I am now. Kinda happy that it’s over, but not totally over lah.

We all made sacrifices. At times we scarified our sleep. Sometimes stayed hungry waiting in labour room. There were times we stayed back without going home for Raya Holidays. (it’s a big thing for some of us). So we finally achieved our goals. Alhamdhlillah.

But what does this mean? Like a foot ball team, we can’t stop now. Once we achieved the title, we got to work even harder, over the clock, throughout the day and night, to maintain our title and to adhere to our oath.

“To be instrument of thy will and mercy, and, in all humbleness, to exercise justice, love and compassion for all thy creations: To extend my hand of service to one and all, to the rich and to the poor, to friend and foe alike, regardless of race, religion and culture: To hold human life as precious and scared, and, to protect and honor it at all times and under all circumstances in accordance to thy law: To do my utmost to alleviate pain and misery, and to comfort and counsel human beings in sickness and in anxiety”

Bottom line is… this is just the beginning. I would like to extend my warm felicitations to all my colleagues and wish you all the best in all your future endeavours.