Sunday, February 22, 2009

why be a surgeon when you can be a radiologist?

As a kid, for me medicine was all about “healing” sick people- like magic! It was also about how smart doctors look and how much people “love” them- do you love doctors? Awww..really? That’s supper sweet. As my eyes opened wider, perception changed. Then it was about how much I can "help" people. It’s about how I can contribute to well being of my community. Now? Well, it’s also about how much I can use the name and fame to criticize politicians and to win a seat in parliament! Not a good idea though!

Perception remained same through out the carrier for most of us. Indeed, some talented doctors find innovative ways to achieve some other objectives-for instance, some turns into politics! As a medical student, what keeps changing with clinical rotations is the specialty we want to go in. In general, every single medical student would change their preferred field 3-4 times through out these 5 yrs. For me it’s always been Surgery. Thanks to “gray’s anatomy”

I thought being a surgeon was kinda cool. But in just a week after entering my radiology posting, I have started questioning my decision about being a surgeon. Still, I think surgery is cool because, surgeons simply walk cool- minus the blood and temper tantrums they throw at times!

I always thought radiology was boring and there is nothing much to do. However, after seeing how they work, I’m really impressed with them, and now considering going into radiology. I’ll tell you why. They are the most professionally working doctors- you know what I mean by professionally, right?

Even how they talk makes you admire them. When you hear them talking about the CT scan that you are holding in your hand, it really feel like that is the “most matter of fact thing” you’ve ever heard. With a big stupid smile on your face, you go back to your ward thinking how cool they are. This is how they impress you- all of you. More over, think of how they work. They rarely get their hands messed- unless he/she is an interventional radiologist. Even then they do things that other doctors, not even surgeons, can do.

Another impressive thing about being a radiologist is where they work. Yes! Those finely decorated rooms with dim lights of numerous colours. Elegant-looking flouroscopy rooms, CT or MRI suits with modern multimillion dollar gadgets. All are way better than the poorly maintained OT, wards, or clinics. It’s both comfortable and more conducive working environment- if your tired in the middle of the work, you can always take a nap on your desk- lighting is just perfect!