Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I no happy Dhaka no happy

Recently I fell to Dhaka from Malaysian Aeroplane. Plane fly 800mph but Bengalis in the plan no close hand phone cabin crew got very really mad. Next Bengali guy shitting next to me telling me take this bear that he will eat. He eating 4 beer and gets stoned. Drunkard throwing his stuff always wanting to go pee. Giving me headache really bad.

I come Dhaka airport full of mosquito. Mr Nice embassy guy meet me airport holding mosquito racket and sending me to hotel. I came hotel. Hotel man asking me filling the foam in case I die they asking me Maldives Police station number. I ask hotel man which direction to pray to god, he telling me God lives up direction. So I pray up to god.

I travel. I take bicyle mans Riksha he very tired I pity his calf. So, I take cab- cab like cabbage. I no like cabbage smell bad. Then I take taxi no glass window. Travel road very really bad. All cabbage peep peep my year also peepeep. My nose no peep block smoke. Trees all black my white shirt black.

Then I ask walking man direction. That man good that man tell me what he know, walk me to what he didn’t know. That man very kind make me very happy very humble. Many man same kind-hearted. Maldivian man bully Bengali-man like no human-respect. But I meet big man government office no good. Always scream small man working office. Giving shoes to small man to polish.

I hungry looking for KFC. Kind-hearted man take me to BFC- Bengali Fried Chicken? I afraid eat BFC my friend got Diarrhoea night time no good sleeping on toilet only. I no open my Nose since Bangladesh arrival night pollution all over. I got bad roaga.

I no happy Dhaka. Dhaka no speak English I no understand. I speak urudhu romantic shahrukkhan. Dhaka worldcup cricket loss 2 game win 1 game no going for final. Dhaka no happy.