Monday, March 9, 2009

old folks say love is blind

Old folks used to say “love is blind”. Young ppl the take wrong meaning from this. They think it means love is an excuse for them to do whatever crep they wanna do, they think “love” simply is a justification for their thoughtless actions.

Here is what they really meant by the expression “love is blind”. When a girl is in “love” with someone, be it a guy or a girl, they will not see any fault of them. No matter how much her parents try to convince her that she is being stupid, she won’t be able to see their point. As if she is really blind, as if there is a seal in her ear, she won’t be able to hear those things. She would rather intensify her efforts to strengthen the “love”. That is why it is wise not to push so much against when your daughter tell you that she is in love with this drug addict guy. Coz if u show too much of resistance, u will only hasten their marriage- either way, u lose your beloved stupid innocent daughter!