Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Parting speech: meaningful words.

It’s the season finale~mbbs. Graduates are overwhelmed with joy with the result of their 7 yrs of hardship. A worthwhile celebration, I would say. A long waited and indeed a sweet fruit of asperity. I can’t say I’m quite as excited as the rest of 103. But still, I’m excited too-perhaps very excited, compared to my usual dysthymic mood.

Today we had the most important event of our life. “Today you got the key to unlock your future” said one of our shīfus.

I was kinda touched to undertake this Oath~Muslim physician’s oath. It made me feel like now I have a real deal of responsibility on my head- though what already stuffed on my head isn’t anything less. I have read this many more times. I have written it many times. But still, saying it aloud with the rest of us in front of handful of lecturers felt special- really awesome feeling it was.

Not long time ago, our ex-shīfu (actually still our shīfu), talked to us about the purpose of IIUM. He mentioned that there are many medical schools in Malaysia. “Yet we wanted one, because we wanted an Islamic medical school”. “But that doesn’t mean we are going to be any less than other medical schools in our medical teachings. You have to master medicine 1st, and then you will add on Islamic knowledge to perfect it”.

During today’s ceremony, we had the benefit of valuable parting speeches by our current shīfu and deputy shīfu as well. Initially, I thought it would be just another lecture on medical ethics, perfecting our clinical skills etc. I was quite a bit wrong. I was moved to know what their priorities were. To my surprise, they didn’t talk much about doing so great in terms of clinical skills. “I honestly believe we have given enough knowledge to become good doctors” said the deputy dean.

They rather focused on another issue which we thought is not that significant, but the fact that they brought it up today, the last day they see us before we depart from this institution, made it pretty clear that this is the real important stuffs.

Prof Fauzi, our Dean, emphasized on 3 simple, but crucial points as his last word of advice to us. First and foremost, he stressed on importance of taking care of our surrounding. Ofcz, he was talking about family, to be a good son/daughter, good father/mother and a good husband/wife. Next thing he stressed was about giving our full commitment to whatever we do. Do it wholeheartedly. And do your best in everything you do.

Thirdly, he spoke of doing things for others. It is clear that ultimate satisfaction for man comes from giving to the society. But often man is only able to see this, and do this when he is old; when he has seen all the shades of life- then it becomes natural for man to work hard to win societal approval. But the dean in this particular day, suggested to his newly graduated students to do it now. To serve the community, to serve for the people from now on- no need to wait till your old and become a politician to serve the community.

Today they didn’t talk about the medical stuffs, which they had been doing for past 5yrs. Now they stressed on more important aspect of life which actually makes us a valuable share of society. “Obviously, doctors are the worst of fathers-no! not bad fathers, but worst of husbands, worst of friends, and worst of neighbors’. That is why I want you all to be better in these aspects and becomes a better person a whole” one of them said. Which I believe is the most valuable words of advice one could give us the day we leave this place for good.