Saturday, June 19, 2010

Can the success be a failure?

It’s amazing how you chase after dreams. Every day wake up and say, I want this, I want that. I want more of this and more of that. There is no end for it. It’s okey to want more. The more you have it the happier you are, they say.

Until one day, you realized you have what you worked for. After 5 long years of hardship you get to enjoy the success. Wait a minute, are you really enjoying the success or you are weeping over it? Why so? Did u suddenly realize that you have been neglecting everything else around you for the hunger of this? Now you realize you no longer have what you already had 5yrs ago? Love and respect of people around you-must savor it my friend.

Now, let me ask you how do u measure success my friend? Gold medal? Certificates? Two fantastic thumbs up? I used to measure it similar way. But then I realized sometimes success is not so obvious to differ from failure. Let’s say, North Korea played in the world cup for the first time in such a long time. They are 105th in world soccer ranking. They played against Brazil which is the top. Now, Brazil won the game by 2-1. Or should I say, North Korea lost by 1-2? Either way, same thing right? North Korea still lost right? Some argue otherwise.

That is why, my friend, I say success is a subjective thing. For instance, a lot of people view the game I just mentioned as a success to North Korea and a shameful loss to Brazil. Ironic isn’t it. Similarly, if your family, friends and loved ones are not with you when you achieve a Gold it doesn’t really feels like Gold, bronze or even silver. Sometimes it just feels empty and useless. Needless to go on bragging about this, I believe I made my point here.