Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How many parties?

“Do you really need all those political parties in Maldives? You have only 300,000 people there. You just need 2-3 strong parties. No need one for each family”. This was the first thing a professor of Surgery told me when he met me back there in IIUM. Back then, I had no idea how many parties we had, and how many members were there in each of those. Which ofcz lead me to a prompt prompt research to find out more. Yes! There were 10 already.

How many do we have now?

1) Maldivian “Democratic” Party (MDP)- Anni/Reeko? Party
2) Dhivehi “Rayyithunge” Party (DRP)- Mumoons party cum thasmeens’
3) Adhalath Party (AP)- Dheenveringe party
4) Jumhooree Party (JP)- Gaasim party
5) Peoples Alliance (PA) – Yaamin and business Associates
6) Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP)- Beys nukura vatharu 3 doctarunge party
7) Gaumee Itthihaadhu ( GI)- vice president party
8) Dhivehi Raajje in fageerukan natthaalan Masakkay kuran Ufeddhi party/Maldivian Labour Party ( MLP )- redvawe saleem ge party
9) Maldivian National Congress (MNC)- Monaza naeemu party
10) Peoples Party (PP)- Ahmed riyaaz ( who is this guy? )
11) Social Liberal Party (SLP)- Ibrage party
12) Maldivian Social Democratic Party ( MSDP)- Reeko beybe party
13) Islamic Democratic Party (IDP)- Umaru naseeru uvaalan ulhey party
14) Maldives Reform Movement (MRM)- Munavvaru party

More to come…

1)Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)
2)Anti Democrazy Party ( ADP ): adhi 50 soi hama nuvaathee registry nukurevifa

So, how many members do they have?

As per statistics of Maldives election commission, by 13/09/11… they have…

1) MDP- 47876 ( ppl are signing for the fear of losing job and hope of getting job)
2) DRP- 37163 ( as above- but 2 yrs ago)
3) AP- 6200
4) JP- 5356
5) IDP- 3903
6) PA- 3026
7) MRM- 2904
8) GI- 2809
9) DQP – 2435
10)MSDP – 2132 ( ID card copy chor kohgen signature forge kohgen veddhi meehun)
11)PP- 1995
12)MNC – 1636
13)MLP – 997
14)SLP – 724