Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pea Sprout can mimic lung cancer nowadays!

Last June, Ron Sveden, was at Cape Cod Hospital waiting for doctors to tell him what he seemed to be the inevitable: he had lung cancer.

But Sveden got the surprise of his life when doctors removed a one-and-a-half inch long pea plant growing in one of his lungs.

A month earlier the 75-year old lifelong smoker began feeling fatigue, loss of appetite and was coughing more. He had been hospitalized for 10 days before a lung biopsy discovered what was causing his symptoms.

Sveden and his doctors believe that while eating peas, one went into his windpipe, lodged to his lungs and began sprouting. Sveden does not remember when the incident happened.

“It was probably there for quite a while because of its growth status,” Sveden told ABC News.

When his doctor gave him the diagnosis Sveden was amused.

“It took two minutes for it to sink in and I thought it was quite funny,” said Sveden. “I giggled. It was shortly after that I realized it wasn’t cancer and for me, my wife and family, it was quite a relief.”

Within days, Sveden’s appetite was back and his other symptoms began to subside. The hospital staff showed their sense of humor by including peas in one of his first meals.

“I laughed,” joked Sveden. “An then I ate them!”

Sveden continues to keep his positive outlook after his unbelievable ordeal.

“Right now, I feel great,” he said. “I feel like raising Hell again!”

Taken from ABC news August 11, 2010.

What are you thinking?

1) dont plants need sunlight to grow?? how does a pea sprout inside someones body without sunlight? Ans: They don't need sunlight to SPROUT, just some warmth and moisture. Each seed contains enough "food" to get the plant started.

2) Was he eating raw peas? Ans: He would have been eating raw peas. A cooked pea would not germiante.