Monday, July 5, 2010

Maldivian style of politics- A no win game

Heard it was a Islamic republic,
Heard it was a dictator who was elected by the people,
Heard the votes were rigged,
Heard the people actually sold the vote for couple of bucks
Says the actor turned politician.

Heard there was a new guy,
Who was full of democracy and sanadhu (certificates of all sorts)
Heard him say that he is the most capable
Heard he claims that he is the “fader” of new Maldivian democracy.
Heard him suggesting it’s okey to build places of worship to non-Muslims.
Heard Maldivians were pissed off.

Heard him say he will bring so much to the country,
Saw him go abroad and beg for money,
Saw him sell all the public investments for couple of bucks
That meant nothing in the long run- says the economist.
He tells lies and he is full of crap- says a common man.
He brought shame to the blue sees,
He bought hatred and cacophony to us- says a poor.

Now that the nation is in trouble,
Now he is making drama with his drama queen,
Now he wants to fool every one with his play script,
But we aren’t gonna get fooled just like that-says old folks.