Friday, April 30, 2010

Mysterious nothing box

Besides very obvious physical differences, one of the amazing differences between man and women is their brain. Not the morphology ofcz, but how the brain works. Don’t duh me, I can prove it.

Let’s think of a man’s brain as a warehouse filled with many boxes. Each and every box is dedicated for a particular subject. There is one box for car, one box for job, one box for children, one box for you and one box for your mother- its somewhere in the basement. The boxes are bound by one rule: boxes never touch each other. When the man wants to discuss a topic, he just take one box, open it, and discuss what’s in that box and then close it, put it back very carefully not to touch any other boxes. That’s men.

In contrast, a woman’s brain is like a ball of wires. Zillions of microscopic centers and each and every one is connected like a complicated mesh. Job is connected to house, house connected to car, car connected to kids, kids connected to mother in law, and mother in law connected to father in-law and so on. It’s like the internet super highway. It’s driven by the energy called “emotion”. That is why women tend to remember everything..bcz they care about everything. Which men don’t!

Now, men, have a box in their brain that women are not aware of. This particular box has nothing in it. In fact we call it “the nothing box”. Of all the boxes in our brain, the nothing box is our favorite box. That is why a man can do something completely brain-dead for hours. Like fishing or sitting in front of TV and flipping channels. Until you hear a scream from the kitchen “stop thaaaat! You can’t possibly be watching anything”. Im not! Go away!

Recent researches done on human brain have actually proved that man has the unique ability to think about nothing…. “teeeeeet”. It’s just a straight line. But women’s brain is always active.. “tzzzzzzzz”. Something is always going on, be it early morning or middle of the night. That’s why women don’t understand this nothing box- and it drives them crazy!

There are women who asks, can I go to this nothing box with him? “no u can’t, then there is something”. Besides, you’d go in there and say “u know this place could really use some wall pictures, a nice coffee table there and some flowers here”… Noooo! Nothing. We don’t want nothing in our "nothing box". Get out!