Friday, May 29, 2009

The origin of Mal-indi-lankans- a page from modern Maldivian history

The day is 11th Nov 2020-time to declare “2020 ge thasavuru” a success. It’s been exactly 12 years since the wise move by then president of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed to bring foreign investments to Maldives during apparently the worst economic down turn of the centaury. As we are celebrating the huge success of our grave foreseeing leaders’ vision 2020, there are few things we can’t just leave off unspoken.

The human developments Maldives has achieved through out past 8 yrs would beat any human civilization ever existed- of course, except the great Zionist civilization which ate up the whole of Middle East. Look at the arguments happening among anthropologists regarding the taxonomy of new ethnicity just appeared in Maldives. They wanted to call them the new red Indians, but we insist; it should rather be the Mal-indi-lankans.

The origin of Maldivians had been a quarreling point among concerned people ever since the beginning. Some would say they are south Asians with Afro-Arabian blended in a coconut shell. But most recent scholars like ex-President Nasheed would argue that they are pure breed of tamilnadu fageeru koige dharin. Anyways, to solve the problem people then decided to call these super mixed bunch of people, the Maldivians (undecided ethnicity due to clash with every other ethic culture and their customs). It was ok then, but today we all are in a dilemma, as the people of Maldives are no longer Maldivians and are more homogenized mixture of Indian and Sri Lankan businessmen with local woman. This produced a unique breed of people who are neither like Maldivians, Indian nor Sri Lankan. This is how the issue went to United Nations Human Taxonomy Council (UNHTC).

It all dates back to 2008 when a hyper-excited activist with lots of Sanadhu (including, mudhinkamuge sansdhu and katheebu kamuge sanadhu) became the president and wanted to bring the Maldivians to aneh dhivehi raajje. By then capital Male’ was over crowded with raajjetherey meehun (a class of Maldivians who came to Male’ from island and were regarded as low class Maldivians). Mr Activist-turned-president came up with this bright idea to chase away these people back to their hoods- the mighty decentralization plan.

To fill-up the emptiness that surrounded capital Male, he decided to bring Investors from India and Srilanka to Male, apparently to invest on economic development which erroneously turned to “human development” couples of years late. Initially bigger investments in Maldives were given to them including hospitals, banks, airports, seaports etc. And those Indians being the Indians, they started copulating and populating the Maldives like they do everywhere else they go (another example is Dubai and England). Initially they brought their people to do the jobs, and then these people became permanent resident of Maldives and started spreading out like “Indians” marrying off locals. And soon before they knew what’s going on, the whole population became this new hybrid of Malindilankans.